Sunday, 22 May 2011

Wheel Of Life

Well, the end of days did come for Great Grandma Asclepius this morning at 0430hrs.  Today is actually her birthday, and having clocked up 97 years - of which maybe only the last five or so years saw her really deteriorate, she proves that you can be very active with a diet based upon simple foods, saturated fat and seasonal fare.  I don't think she dieted a day in her life, nor did she ever run or jog. 

She did do a lot of walking and read sermons at the local church until well in to her 90's.  Many commented on her strong delivery and precise diction.  The sight of this small and elderly woman projecting so well in a cavernous church with no amplification was commented upon by many of the congregation.

She lived through two world wars and countless other battles, through pandemics and epidemics of disease and influenza.  She survived depressions and recessions.  I asked her what she thought of the recent recession, and if she was worried.  She replied something along the lines of, "I have seen it all before.  There is nothing to really worry about.  People will find a way through".

Having survived real hardships (and no, a 37in plasma HD TV does not constitute 'hardship' just because it hsan't got 3D), humbler times and rationing, she knew what it meant to be resourceful, to make do with less, not to waste, to improvise, adapt and overcome.

She really was a role model.  She was incredibly strong willed, hard working, industrious, diligent, honest, caring, generous, a real rock.  I'm not sure they make them like that any more.  She'll be sorely missed.


Chris said...

She sounds like a fantastic lady

Asclepius said...

Cheers Chris.