Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sunday Strength Wk4 W/O1 (P2)

Week four.  Time to give it the cookies for this week's three workouts.  My neck and spine have all but reovered from the flip-incident last week!

My fingers are slightly sensitive from some bouldering on Friday night. Lots of mantleshelfing on a new problem. It also had an overhanging start which worked my lats a wee bit. Good fun. So, I want to push it today, but will auto adjust if and when appropriate, given this extra activity.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (30 mins)
1a. Wrist Push Ups (10, 10, 10)
1b. Assisted Pistols (3, 3, 3)
2a. Rope Climbing (4, 4, 4)
2b. Planche (1x20s, 1x20s, 1x20s)
2c. Pinch Grip Pull Ups (3x3s, 3x3s, 3x3s)
3. Barefoot Kill Carry (1)
4. Hangboarding (Intermediate)

I combined exercises in a set (a, b, c..) to allow around 4 minutes rest between sets. The rop climbs take about four moves to climb to the top of the rope. I locked off and then lowered on one arm as much as possible (got to watch out for elbow troubles), in a kind of 'negative'. Seriously demanding stuff.

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