Monday, 9 May 2011

"The Fear"

After the failed backflip (2 of 4) last Friday, I knew I had to get back on the 'horse' ASAP. 'The Fear' has been building all weekend.

I have always used visualisation techniques when learning a new physical skill and the backflip is no exception. I have thrown I guess around a hundred successful backflips since teaching myself a few years ago. In that time I have had one bad landing (apart from the one last Friday).

But the impact of the black swan flip runs deep. Over the weekend I kept replaying by backflip technique trying to imagine the dynamics of a successful flip, but each time I kept 'crashing' - even though it was only in my mind.

Today, with 'the fear' growing like a cancer in my mind I set off to throw a few (interspersed with a few handstands).

Flip one and two went with apparent ease. However, flip three was abandoned. The fear reaching up from within. I took a minute to just walk around in the sun and relax. I came back to my mats (I flip on two stacked Judo mats), and threw a successful number three!

I figured I could walk after three flips but went for a fourth. This was also successful but I was shaking like shitting dog afterwards. The adrenaline was racing through me. Job done!

So I have a TBFF of 6 (Time Between Flip Failure - that is the number of successful flips since my last crash). I hope to get a few more done this week and put 'The Fear' to rest once and for all.

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