Friday, 27 May 2011


Last night I went for a 15 mile bike ride.  The terrain was quite hilly and after 80 minutes battling wind and rain I got back home feeling drained.  I hit the biscuit tin big time!  After the shit-fest of biscuits and chocolate I hit half a chicken with cabbage (and lots of butter).  I then downed a pint of water and hit the sack.

I awoke this morning and completed the same ride in reverse.  It felt much easier even though it took the same amount of time.

The reson for this riding is to do with my plan to complete the Trans-Penine Trail Coast to Coast (TPTC2C), later this year from Southport to Hornsea over three days:
  • Length: 215miles/346 Kilometers,
  • Height Climbed: 2304m/9840ft.
As with my Welsh 14/3Ks last year, I hope to exploit a bit of my paleo-hustle.  Whereas the 14/3Ks was done fasted and vFooted, I was thinking of doing the TPTC2C on just one meal a day.  What horrified me after last night's inaugural training session on the bike is just how carbcrazy I went afterwards.

I would imagine there needs to be a period of adaption, so I won't panic too much just yet.  Normally I exercise for no more than an hour in a saw-tooth pattern of activity.  With the headwind and the hills, what I did last night was pretty much full on throughout.  The riding this morning did much to calm my anxieties.

So despite the mileage and the leg work over the past 12 hours or so, I will DL today!

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