Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tuesday Strength Wk4 W/O2

Suffice to say that backflips WILL be chucked in to the warm up! Still got some fear going on....

My shoulders are tired from last night's Lau Gar session so I should adjust. My plan is to try to repeat last week's workout (particularly on the chins), rather than pushing for new ground.

I have only eaten a tin of sardines since yesterday lunchtime, and in addition have had maybe four of five cups of instant coffee with a splash of milk. I am not feeling hungry but am feeling rather sharp and psyched for the workout....

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (30 mins)
1a. Planche Variations (30s, 10s, 5s)
1b. Pillar Jumping (8/7, 8/7, 8/7)
2. Handwalk/MBTs/Shoulder Press (Distance, 10 per arm, 1x4x18kg)
3. Chins (11, 11, 11)
4. Lever Variations (30s, 10s, 5s)
5. LGKF Forms *(optional)
  • KAY BOON SAU FA - Basic hand movement
  • JORN SAU - Set hand movement
  • CHARP CHOI - Drilling punches
  • FAR KUIN - Flower fist
  • FAI LOONG GEE - Finger movement of the dragon
  • LAU GAR LUK HUP KUIN - Fist of six co-ordinations
  • BAC PYE JURN - Palm of the bac pye mountain
First of all, here is a recent exchange with a curious gym dude (CGD):

CGD: "So you're pretty strict with your diet?"
Asclepius: "Erm, if you mean by that 'do I restrict calories', then 'no'!  But I do avoid bread, rice and pasta and I eat lots of animal fat."
CGD: "So you eat lots of protein and avoid carbohydrates?"
Asclepius:  "Sort of.  I eat lots of animal and include the fatty bits.  The other half of the plate is filled with veg, so I don't really avoid carbohydrate and if anything, this diet is high in fat."
CGD: "So you're diet is high protein?"

Asclepius:  "Well, I guess so, but it is also high in fat."

[CGD nods sagely whilst muttering in reflection on my 'high protein diet'].  I am not sure he heard the words 'fat' even once in that exchange!

As for the workout, the chins went to expectation and felt a bit easier than last time.  I upped the pillar jumps  by one rep per set (felt quite tired by the end).  The big news is four completed backflips which takes my TBFF to 10!  The planche variations felt solid, but the levers felt 'tired'.
I am uninjured (although my right shoulder aches a bit from the intensity of this workout) and generally in good shape.  I have a big DL day coming up and then a week off.

Weight is 81kg - so that is a 2kg loss in a matter of days.  This will be due to my fast since lunch yesterday and some dehydration from the workout.  I intend to eat BIG between now and this evening!  Feeling in a good place.  ;)


Andy said...

Hi Asclepius - I'm curious if you have a post where you describe your various routines?

Asclepius said...

Hi Andy. I have been asked this question a few times and I keep meaning to blog about it! I have added a quick guide to my apporach to diet at the top of the page (not LC and no calorie counting), and intended to do the same for exercise.

Basically I do an eight week hypertrophy program and then take a week off. I will then do a four week strength cycle based upon 5x5/Wendler followed by a week off. I will then repeat the four week strength cycle.

There are no hard and fast rules. I am chasing a few big goals (double BW DL and OAC), I have lots of interests (gymanstics, kickboxing and climbing), and so I flex things around to accomodate.

By flexing I mean that I might throw in some easy days or the odd rest day. I don't but in to the idea of going balls-out EVERY session. I want my sessions to be fun, varied and productive.

I have a spreadsheet where I work out rough weights (particularly for things like the DL and OAC, but for things like planching and levers it is more auto regulation.

Hope that clears things up. Any questions then just ask.

As is traditional on this site, I will post a holiday photo so you can see the results. Hopefully you'll read about me achieving some of my ultimate goals in the not too distant future....although I intend to enjoy the journey much more than a destination....and always seek to be injury free.

Asclepius said...

Just to add, my last hypertrophy phase is headed "RTK...", and my current 4-week strength cycle has "..strength Wk...." in the title so that should help you get an idea on what I do.

Understand that this goes beyond simple strength and bodybuilding as I integrate some climbing specific training, Lau Gar training and some gymnastic skills!