Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday Strength Wk1 W/O3 (P1)

DLs are the order of the day!  My legs are fatigued slightly but I should be ok.

Warm Up (5 mins) - TBFF is now 18!
Main (40 mins)
1a. Deadlift (5X104kg, 5x120kg , 3/5+X136kg)
1b. One Arm Chin Ups (5x47kg, 5x54kg, 5x54/61kg)
2. Back Bridge to In-L-Sit (15s, 15s, 15s)
3. HandWalk/Ass. HSPUs - Lowers/Dumbell Press/MBTs ('for time', 6xHSPUa, 6x16kg)
4. Ice Cream Makers (4, 4, 4)
5. Four-Way Rotator Cuff (10)

Week one is meant to be deloaded.  And in fact I usually take an extra 10% off (a 'fudge factor'), whenever I calculate my working weights from an RM.  (This was from a time when Wendler said that whenever he asked dudes their RM, he automatically reduce it by 10% and they'd still struggle!).

So having found some of my last workouts easy, I figured I'd dispense with the 10% fudge factor.  Boy did I feel it!  I can't rule out the impact of cycling but I think it was just the numbers.

I eased back on the reps and weight.  The fudge factor is going back up to at least 5%! 

The bad news is that prior to the W/O I could feel tension in my left elbow (Golfer's Elbow).  This might be from pulling on the bars when attacking hills on my bike.  The OACs helped it, but I think I night need to do some remedial stretching.

UPDATE:  I just entered a fudge factor of 5% back in to my spreadsheet and boy, do the numbers look a lot more friendly.  "Ego, why dost thou toy with me thus?"  :)

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