Monday, 4 January 2010

Pavel's Ladder - More Volume, Less Time

Clarence Bass has another useful article regarding the use of synaptic facilitation to achieve more volume in less time.

I have been using a similar (but much less well structured) approach over Christmas. I didn't really focus on my planche and levers (which is actually where I wanted to progress). I ended up throwing sets of pistols, HSPUs and pull ups on the spur of the moment as the place I was staying was best suited to this.

The CB article suggests ladders of up to 70-80%RM. You start with one rep, then 2...3, 4, 5 and so forth, stopping a few reps short of your RM. The idea is to maintain freshness.

(A more traditional approach to 'Greasing the Groove' is provided by Mike Mahler who suggestes a five day approach with two days rest, using a 50%RM, 60%RM, 70%, 60%RM and 50%RM profile. The recommendation if for rests between sets of at least five minutes to several hours for a total of three sets per day.)

I need to really only try to develop one exercise at a time. The fingertip pull up is tempting target as it would boost climbing strength, but I so want to up my planche!

A new year, but the same old Asclepius trying to cover too many bases. Still, this means that my motivation is high - and if there is one thing I am aware of, it is over-training and burnout.

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