Friday, 29 January 2010

Four Minute Warning

Today I undertook the Four Minute O'Neill Test on a Concept 2 rower:

  • The O'Neill Fitness Test is designed to give a simple and reliable test of aerobic fitness. Aerobic fitness is a good indicator of general condition as it underpins 95% of all forms of activity.

    After about 10 mins familiarisation with the Concept2 Indoor Rower, the test can be carried out to get an indication of baseline fitness by simply comparing the distance covered in four minutes on the chart.

    Further regular tests will indicate progress and are suitable for people of all ages and gender.
I understand that you should have the rower set to level three (I usually use level 8). I also tried an approximate SPM of 20, whereas I usually aim for 27+ on a 500m section.

Oh yeah - and I am neither a rower (I only row when it is too grim outside to sprint), and I don't really 'do' aerobic fitness. Certainly none of that steady state endurance work, but plenty of episodic high intensity stuff with periodic rests.

As this is the first time I have done this kind of distance, my pacing was well out and I could have pushed much harder over the middle 200m.

Damn good fun. The result: 1122m

This makes me 'Above Average' and I know I could get in to the 'Good' category, if not the 'Excellent' group. Watch this space!


AT22 said...

Hm, very cool. Maybe I'll try this while I still have access to a concept2.

Methuselah said...

I'd love to try this.

Asclepius said...

It is good fun. A nice, short and intense challenge.

I am still not sure about the Level 3 intensity. I only found reference to that in the forums on the Concept 2 site. It may be that you take the O'Neill test at a higher level.

I'm certainly focussed to be pushing up my ranking next go.....