Monday, 28 December 2009

Taubes Getting Mainstream Exposure

Gary Taubes authoritative nutritional tome "The Diet Delusion" continues to make waves in the medical world.

Let's admit it - most popular media is bollocks. By that, I mean what passes for journalism nowadays seems to be largely bollocks. Ever wonder why News International newspapers give superb reviews for films made by 20th Century Fox? News is basically an infommercial where the truth resides in between the extremes of opinion rather than on fact. And news is filtered in response to commercial interests.

I don't put myself above all this - but then this is my little box from which I can spout stuff - and hell, I might be wrong, and I have every right to be wrong. Major news outlets in contrast have some level of social responsibility because they have the veneer of respectability. People trust them to give the truth.

Thus it has fallen to bloggers to expose the truth. For some time now a small select group of bloggers have done a great job doing what the damned media should have been doing. Dr Eades in particular is among the best at cutting through bias on the low carb and nutrition front.

On the wider medical front there are the likes of Ben Goldacre on the Bad Science site and another noteable addition is DC's Improbable Science site. Now for some months the latter has been promising a review of Taubes' Good Calories, Bad Calories. Finally, it is here.

Ok, so it does not go in to that much detail about Taubes hypothesis, but that a book that is two years old continues to grow in influence, that this same book should be reaching the shores of the BMJ, and that that same book drives firmly against everything we have been told for thirty years and has received a broadly favourable review, well, THAT is something of great significance.

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