Tuesday, 5 January 2010

DC's Improbable Science

I mentioned a few days ago of a review of Gary Taubes' Good Calories, Bad Calories (aka The Diet Delusion), by David Colquhoun.

The comments have been unfolding in the usual pattern by which I mean that there is much support for the ''eat less, do more" model and plenty of incredulity from those that obviously have not read Taubes book.

What got my attention though was comment 19 by 'anoopbal' who says:
  • And honestly, do you really think all these obesity researchers got it all wrong all these years?

DC faces straight up to it thusly:

  • Yes, I think that if you were involved in research yourself, you would realise that it is entirely possible for researchers to get the story wrong over many years. That is particularly true in an area like this where so much of the data are based on unreliable observational epidemiology.

You have to be impressed by his frankness here. I can't help thinking that it is very significant that someone such as DC has picked up on "Good Calories, Bad Calories". His favourable review will undoubtedly prompt others to read it also.

Incidentally he has posted an excellent piece about the strength of the evidence that processed meat causes colorectal cancer (conclusion, very weak).

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