Monday, 25 January 2010

GTG Ladder 10x1

I am having a light week after last weeks efforts. Things are going well so it is time to reward my body with a bit of a rest.

This weeks GTG will be ten rungs on a ladder of one rep.

1) Fingertip Pull Ups (one)
2) Tuck Planche (one second)
3) Horse Riding Stance (ten seconds)

(Repeat ten times - and finish well short of any kind of fatigue)

I really feel I am hitting the sweet spot on the Tuck Planche. I am now able to lift my hips higher when entering the planche which is significant progress. If I enter the planche with my hips too low, I am still unable to correct. But technique-wise, progress! I suspect the planche assists significantly on the deadlift.

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