Friday, 22 January 2010


Looks from the tag count that I have been slacking on the static work. The aim is two cycles through (plus and extra set where noted) - but adjust for the pain/strain on the last set (it should not actually hurt!)

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (25 mins)
1a) Rows (500m:L8:1':40")

2a) Chair Sits (2x60s)
2b) Handstands - Wall Assisted (2x60s)
2c) Tuck Lever (2x30s)
2d) RLLs (1x8)/Deadlift (1x RM, 5xRM75%)
2e) Back Bridge (2x15s)
2f) Frog Planche (2x30s)

3) Leg Extension (BBS 90s x 55kg)

I tested my RM on the deadlift and it came in at about 140kg. I have only recently taken to it and only perform it once a week, so I am chuffed with my progress. I think planching might help as this strengthens the back.

The handstands were pretty solid, with fatigue and shaking only manifesting in the dying seconds. My shoulders do not seem to be getting any more flexible from the back bridges - another area that might need attention. I need to be mindful that this whole workout savages the shoulder complex. It is easy to lose sight of where you are loading.

The chair sits were pretty solid and after the first 'wave' of lactic acid I found I could still hold the position for time (it is important to keep driving through the heels throughout). The leg extension was just a finisher - nice and slow.

I am off climbing tonight so I avoided chins and pull ups. It will be interesting to see what I have left. Currently I have the 'lightly toasted throughout' feeling and could do more.

One final thought - I am currently about 82kg - up from 80kg at the beginning of the year. I think I look a bit bigger around the upper arms and shoulders and I am stronger. Now this might be something or nothing. Noticeable changes I have introduced are, GTG activity three times a week, more sleep (I aim for 9 hours a night), a tighter paleo diet (no cheats) and more goat's cheese. I am definitely eating more.

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