Monday, 11 January 2010

GTG 123123123

I completed a quick Greasing the Groove ladder tonight. It took about 5 minutes and was based on a ladder of 123123123:

1) Fingertip Pull Ups
2) Tuck Planche
3) Horse Riding Stance

The pull ups started with units of one, the planche in units of 1 second and the HRS in units of 10s. Then, 2 reps, 2 seconds and 20 seconds, and finally to 3 FTPUs, 3s Tuck Planch and a 30s HRS.

I prefer this ladder than the previous version and will use it for the remainder of this week (Wednesday and Thursday), if not longer.

I have found I can lean much further forward on the planche than I realised. It feels odd at first but makes the planche itself easier. I think technique might well have been holding me back.

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