Friday, 6 February 2009

Where to Start?

You know that I love gymnastic ability. It is the ultimate in functional training and requires so many qualities including strength, agility, balance, flexibility. Even with the strength you can break it down in to dynamic strength, maximal strength and so forth.

I have come VERY late to gymnastics and I know that I will never hit the highest levels - but I can dream that one day, I just might be able to do something like this:


For those endeavouring to get a full planche, check out this film:

.....and an excellent primer on handstand work:


Zuck said...

Just started day one of planche's and levers yesterday....LLLOONG way to go. That video was awesome. I'm using the planche's and levers 60s total time as part of my crossfit warm up.

Asclepius said...

For sure - Dominic LaCasse has a serious hustle!

The planches and levers take time to develop. My advice would be not to get too disappointed if progress is slow. Trust that they both offer a serious workout and will be taxing you from end to end.

Build up to the minute ensuring good form and a quality session (I don't go to failure).

When you start a harder variation, either cut back volume or pad the minute by doing an easier variation.

Keep with it and let me know how you progess.

There are a few of us who visit this site, all of whom are attempting to planche and lever - so you are in good company.

I am 6ft 3in and 13 stone which I think is pretty tall and heavy for a gymnast. Along with being in my 30s, I know it will take time. But if you get on over to John Gill's website (see previous posts), you will see what is possible well in to your senior years!

As my gran still tells me, "You don't know how young you are at 40!" (although I suspect she never attempted to planche) ;)

Good luck.