Monday, 16 February 2009

Monday Gymnastics

Another great Winter's day with only thin cloud and much warmth in the shade. I managed to perform the first 10 minutes or so outside before having to retreat indoors to use the mats and the bars.

Warm Up (5mins)
Main (25mins)
1) Assisted Pistols (4x8)
2a) Frog Planche (4x15s)
2b) Cuts (30s)
3a) Headstand Lowers (4x4)
3b) Kneel Backs (4x30s)
4) Levers (4x15s)

I feel my progress in the planche has degraded so I am cutting back to the frog variation and am intent on consolidation. You may also notice that rather than mini circuits, again I have favoured focusing on exercises in isolation (with maybe a passive stretch in between sets). My rests are less than a minute at the moment.

It is tempting to always try to 'push on' when a particular load becomes easy, but this 'ease' should be treated as a form of recovery. Adaption takes time and you have to be careful not to outrun adaption. Optimally, you keep up with inate adaption.

Despite these changes, I will continue to enrich my workouts with one maximal strength and one dynamic strength workout a week.


Ade said...

How are the pistols assisted?

Asclepius said...

I have three ways of assisting pistols (today I used the first method so I could train outdoors):

1) Swiss/Gym Ball - simply pistol next to a gym ball (to one side) and use it as required with your free hand. This takes a degree of control as you can bat the ball away by accident.

2) Doorway - stand in a doorway facing the doorframe. Your extended leg should be on the outside of the room and you can assist from the door frame. (This is the one I use at home)

3) Pulley - Use the cable machine at your local gym with a counter balance weight.

In all cases the assistance will usually be sufficient for me to complete the set in good from - although I often am for a 'rough' target in a set rather than a specific number.

With the pistols I keep my working foot flat on the floor and ensure I drive through my heel.

Ade said...

Interesting, appreciate the response. Pistol's are something I've been looking into recently, I'm finding them pretty difficult though! I'll give these assisted methods a try.

Asclepius said...

Most people struggle with balance and flexibility as well as the strength issue.

There are other variations you can use to help your progression such as pistoling down in to a seated position on a chair/pile of mats and then press back up. As your skill and strength develops use a lower object.

Another way is to roll in to the pistol. Lie on your back and lift your legs up to your chest, straighten them out and use the momentum of the roll generated to assist the standing portion of the movement.

It has taken me while to get tow good, unassisted pistols off each leg. However I have been sidetracked by other leg work - not least jumping and sprinting!