Monday, 23 February 2009

Monday Sunshine Workout

Six weeks in to the year I have tweaked my program slightly and on Mondays will be focusing on (about) 3 sets of (about) 3 reps in a mini cycle. The idea is that the exercises should be hard, but completed in form (and without going to failure).

I headed down to the gym at lunch in what was a really warm day. It was cloudy but every so often the sun broke through. Spring has sprung and it was great to be working-out outside to greet it!

I managed to do all the routine outside apart from the bar-work (Lock Offs and Levers). Thus I got a "dose of the D". If only there was a suitable tree in the area......

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (25mins)
1a) Pistols
1b) Planche (4x15s=1min)
1c) Cuts (30s per side)

2a) HeSPU (Kneel to HS)
2b) Assisted HeSPUs
2c) Kneel Backs/Back Bridge
--(3reps; 3sets)--

3a) Body Lever (4x15s=1min)
3b) One Arm Lock Off (3x3sec each side)

I felt monumentally strong on the Lock-Offs and will increase the length of time to make it challenging. The Levers also felt good and I am starting to extend my legs as the shoulders felt absolutely solid!

Of significant note is that I performed 3 sets of 3 pistols on both legs totally unassisted. This is new benchmark for me. I will stick at his level for a while and consolidate. I recently had a niggling knee injury that I feel recovered from, but which should act as a cautionary tale!