Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday Hypertrophy

I decided to put in some focus on individual exercises today. It was another fine lunchtime so I was outside for the warm up. Time was limited so I introduced an old favourite....

I performed one of my rare iron exercises; One Arm Dumbell Snatch from Floor. As I have maintained previously, taking a weight from the ground and lifting it above the head is a fantastic exercise which works a whole chain of muscles. (I was still feeling this in my legs on Sunday).

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main(20 mins)
1) One Arm Dumbell Snatch from Floor (10kgx12, 16kgx8, 20kgx4, 22kgx4 28kgx2)
2) Wall Walks (4x5reps)
3) Planche (15s, 15s, 5s, 15s)
4) Lever (15s, 15s, 5s, 15s)
5) Cuts (30s per side)

The planche and lever are two exercises that truly work just about the whole body. Maximal effort in minimal time.


Methuselah - Pay Now Live Later said...

I have been thinking about the extent to which lifting iron above the head is Paleo. I love sandbag work, but it's hard to find sandbags as heavy as I would like. But dumbell and barbell snatches can be a little hard on the joints and feel like a bit of a departure from what our ancestors would have really got up to.

I have recently started doing a hybrid of the two, using two hands, but one dumbell. Since I have never seen it before, I videod myself doing it - see what you think. Two-handed, single-dumbbell lift

Asclepius said...

My paleo compass does go a bit awry at the concept of dumbell snatches. I think my Medicine Ball Throws could be described as 'paleo' as we have been chucking spears and rocks for several thousand years. The snatch is maybe a bit more of a grey area UNLESS it is done with speed.

I can appreciate that only in acts of for example, construction, would there be a need for lifting lots of stuff above the head in such a static fashion. I guess the message is to keep it dynamic.

Chopping and shovelling actions may be closer to the paleo bone.

The workout that you get from lifting a weight from floor to a position above the head (particularly at speed), is pretty formidable and something I'd be loathe to let go of.

I watched the vid and although I prefer dymanic and asymmetric stuff, will be looking to try that move myself at a later date!