Sunday, 8 February 2009

Mega Saw Tooth - Weekend Action

I have been hit with a hard cold. My last cold that was this bad struck after a heavy weekend at a mate's pub. Both he and the pub shall remain nameless, well OK, he will remain nameless, but this was the scene of the crime. As high-carb crime scenes go, this is by far one of the most pleasant and enjoyable.

So in the grip of a cold, and having stagnated on my planches (levers seem to come a lot easier, although this may be due to my background as a climber), I have kept the workouts very short and the rests massive. In fact I have been performing sporadic planches throughout the day (five seconds in the tuck or 15 seconds in the frog) with HOURS in between. The same has gone for my levers and deadhanging.

Welcome to the world of the Mega Saw Tooth!

Mega Saw Tooth
Sometimes you want to hit an exercise absolutely refreshed. Sometimes you want to blow your cookies on an 'all or nothing' attempt. This is fine as long as you start the day with a warm up, you rest biiiig in between attempts and do not go to failure. Oh yeah, and don't stress about reps.

Better still for me, this fits in with how Flash and Captain Kid train. They will play quietly or watch TV for a period of time and then there are 'explosions' of activity. The quite times are when the spring is being coiled and then BAM! The energy is released.

The weather is particularly cold and there is a lot of snow on the ground making sprinting difficult. We did a short walk in the woods but Flash's gyros limit her ability to walk on ice!

As usual however, I have embraced the changes thrust upon me and adjusted my training accordingly.

The cold is now in remission but more heavy snow is on the way. I will do a bit more walking and continue with the current 'free form' approach to training.

Bodyweight training; the gym you can fit in to your underpants!




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