Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Tuesday Workout in the Sun

So Tuesday lunchtime was another fantastic blue-sky day here in the heart of the UK. You know there is this idea that we don't get much sun in the UK or that it is always grey skied - but when you open your 'paleo eyes' and are looking for that window of opportunity to go outside and 'do something', there seems to be quite a lot of sun time up for grabs.

There was snow on the ground and it was cold in the shade and in unsheltered areas, but if you could find a courtyard (as I did), then it was possible to train in conditions that I would describe as warm. Training in bright sunshine wearing just shorts and a vest in the middle of the UK's worse snow storms for 20 years is possible!

The routine was one of my old favourites with plenty of dynamic action outdoors before heading in doors for some gymnastic specific stuff:

Warm Up (5 minutes of the usual joint rotations and swings)
Main (10 mins)
1a) Touch-Line Shuttle Sprints (4x6)
1b) Medicine Ball Throws (5x2kg, 5x3kg, 5x5kg, 5x5kg)
1c) Pillar Jumps (4x5)

The TLSS emphasised acceleration, the MBTs emphasised explosive power - as did the pillar jumps.

Finally I went indoors for a quick gymnastic session (15mins):

1a) Back Bridge (3x15s)
1b) Planche (15s, 5s, 5s)
1c) Head Stand Leg Raises (3x4raises)

2a) Levers (15s, 5s, 5s)
2b) Cuts (3x 30s each side)

Having been inspired by the videos in my previous post and feeling a certain sense of stagnation with my planche (for stagnation, read impatience), I have decided to vary my planche training slightly.

I intend to introduce some Waist Press Ups (WPUs), which are press ups with your hand positioned as far back as possible.

I have already introduced the 'mega saw-tooth' approach of sporadic planching in the evening in a 'playful' fashion (Captain Kid and Flash's preferred training mode), along with my standard frog and tuck planches. This should get me past my current plateau - although as you see above, I have cut back on the sets in the gym to compensate for a general increase in volume.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, a glorious morning for some outdoor action further south today too. I had the added bonus of a bag pipes player on the Hampstead Heath band stand - felt like I was preparing for the hunt!

sprints, throws, jumps, pulls and a bit of gymnastic practice as enjoying the sun so much...sweet!

Asclepius said...

...and you get your free dose of vitamin D!

I wonder if it is the shade, or the drudgery of endless treadmill workouts that breeds the modern gym-goer's glum face? The shadows of the gym are long indeed!