Tuesday, 17 February 2009

How to Scare Yourself with the Internet

I have mentioned in previous posts that I have a niggling injury in my right knee. It is a VERY mild discomfort that does not stop me doing anything but which I can feel before and after exercise.

The Internet is a wonderful thing. And after a lunch hour spent avoiding numerous adverts advising how I can 'satisfy my woman' and 'lucky' gambling strategies, I managed to self diagnose this injury.

I have long advocated listening to your body. We are terrible at it. However it was apparent to me that my injury is one of 'over use' as I have ramped up the intensity of my training in recent weeks. In particular, frequent sprints on the road, Kill Carry work, snatches, pistols and lots of jumping has taken its toll resulting in what would appear to be 'patellar tendinopathy'.

Self diagnosis from the Internet is a scourge of the modern age. If I followed all the diagnostic advice available then I would be self-diagnosed with 'Intergalactic Knee Cancer' and wrapping my head in foil whilst sitting in a bath of milk. But I think rest and plenty of gentle walking will resolve the issue.

Even if the diagnosis is wrong (patellar tendinopathy, not 'Intergalactic Knee Cancer' ), a period of rest is advisable as a first step when feeling chronic aches. If tackled early enough, I feel no need to 'immobilise'.

Of the activities I have listed above, I will stop all but sprinting and pistols (the latter does not seem to cause any problem). Even with the sprints and pistols I will restrict myself to three sets of each once a week (and several days apart).

Hopefully, after maybe four weeks I will be able to ramp things back up (I can't live without jumping!).