Monday, 21 May 2012

You Are When You Eat

I bang on about 'information' resulting from our intake and expenditure of energy.  Your inner actuary has to get you between meals and has to manage energy stores accordingly.  It isn't just the composition of what you eat, but also the information-rich process of expending and consuming energy.  In addition I've mentioned working through your metabolic gears - traversing your energy systems.

New Scientist had a short piece about this.  Mice were split in to two groups, both fed a high fat diet.  One group was allowed to eat ad-libitum, the other in an eight-hour window:
  • One group could snack whenever they liked, the other could only eat during an 8-hour window. Both groups consumed the same number of calories each day. Two other groups were fed a healthy diet under the same conditions.

    Three months later, the weight of mice on the all-day, high-fat diet had increased by 28 per cent. Their blood sugar levels had gone up – a risk factor for diabetes – and they also had liver damage. In contrast, mice eating a high-fat diet for only 8 hours a day stayed healthy and didn't become obese. They also had better balance than mice on a healthy diet.

    [Researchers reckon] the shortened feeding period gives metabolic systems longer to perform their function uninterrupted by a new influx of nutrients.
Calories in/calories once again looking at best tautological.

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