Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Part of the reason of this blog is to vent my spleen.  Another side is to make a declaration of intent.  It is hard NOT to stick to a commitment once it is aired.  Blogging also gives me a (limited) diary of my life and a record of my training.  A few times I have re-read posts to find indications of a coming slump in performance and consequential injury.

Current goals centre around the OAC and handstand work.  I will refocus in due course on the double-bodyweight DL (DLing has put on weight, so my goal has shifted ahead of me).  Pistols are in the bag - so I just need to maintain.  I've other goals around Lau Gar and climbing, but I can only target one at a time.

As I cast my eye around planet paleo I am both happy and sad.  Happy that there is fertile debate on the details of molecular biochemstry etc... - none of which should really affect us in terms of getting this whole eating and exercising thing right.  Sad, because we're just starting to spill over in to embarrassment worth of the farcical and facist 30BAD.

Other than that, two days after the big 4-0, 'A visitor from the Port of Spain' has given me my 100,000th page view.  Thank you.  And THANK YOU for dropping by.

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