Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Gymnastic Week 2 W/O2

My first workout as a forty-something!  After a weekend of indulgence I've put the diet back on track.  I had a day of climbing yesterday and despite being 12kg heavier and 18 years past my climbing peak, I still managed to onsight several Fr 6b+s. 

The fingers gave out first - I still have excellent hip mobility and general shoulder health, which must result from the LG and gymnastic nature of my workouts.  Might be worth putting a bit more in to my finger training.  It's nice to know I have adaptability.

Warm Up (5 minutes)
Main (30 minutes).
1. HSPU/Handstand/Handwalk (For time)
2a. Pistols Assisted (75kgx8, 75kgx8, 75kgx8)
2b. L-Sit/Manna Variation (for time)
3i. OAC (7x55kg, 5/7x55kg)
3ii. Two Arm Chin (BWx10)
4. Backlever to Frontlever (5s, 5s, 5s)

Shoulder Prehab:
5. Two-Way DB Rotator Cuff (12 x external and internal shoulder rotations)

Good session.  I was aggressive on the rests - less than a minute between sets.  This makes massive difference!

Handstands were above average with some sweet spot action. Finished with a romping handwalk across the patio.  Pistols were solid and I will be looking to add a bit of weight and cut back on reps.

Couldn't pony up those last two reps on the last set of OACs!  Shoulders were fried for the (tucked) levers hence a rubbish back lever and the last set of front levers sucking as well.

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