Friday, 21 May 2010

Strength Wk2 W/O3

This evening I intend to complete another 3hour hike over the local moors. Summer is truly at the door and I am looking forwards to getting my 'greens'.

But to business...

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (25 mins)
1. Deadlift (3x93, 3x108, 3x122)
2a. HSPU/Press/Snatch ( 3x15kg, 3x17kg, 3+x19kg)
2b. One Arm Chins (3x39kg, 3x45kg, 4/3x50kg)
3a. Pseudo Planche Press Ups (3, 3, 3)
3b. Splits (1x20s, 1x20s, 1x20s)
3c. Ice Cream Maker Lever (3, 3, 3)
3d. Left/Right Cuts (1x30s, 1x30s, 1x30s)

I had to race through this workout! There was no time for the splits or cuts (but they will get done later). The deadlifts felt stiff on that last set. The OACs felt pretty steady though - as did the dumbbell press. PPPUs are never easy - especially whilst trying to push your (elevated) feet against a wall to gain traction.

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