Sunday, 16 May 2010

Skater Boy/Man

I was out and about in the park today on my new pair of blades. The damn laces broke within seconds of drawing them in. And then a velcro ankle strap snapped. I still managed to skate.

I sold my last pair of roller skates about twenty five years ago and have only skated once in that time for any length of time (and that was about twenty years ago at a roller disco), and also had a quick go on a pair of blades - but no more than for about fifty meters. Other than, that I tried my mates blades a few weeks ago, again for a distance of about fifty meters.

So today was a rather novel experience. My actions raised a few smiles from the teenagers in the park. I definitely improved over the hour I was on them. At one point a kid of about ten glided past me on his blades on one foot - the other blade tipped on end and being stylistically weaved behind him (I guess to cooly slow himself down). Thankfully I was sitting down so could give him 'the nod' as a fellow skater without him knowing how crap I was. Not only did he pretty much blank me, but the crappy disco colours of my boots probably made me stand out of a muppet.

Somewhat later I found a bit of smooth tarmac to ride on. Great news....except for the fact that I was sharing it with two girls of about three - who were practicing on their scooters. Maaaan I felt like a chump.

Flash and Mrs A were on the swings so I must have looked to everyone like a lonely old guy trying to be 'down' with the kids.

Did I have fun. Hell yeah. Do I know no shame? Erm....nope. It is going to be one hot summer. One hour down, nine-thousand, nine-hundred and ninety-nine to go! Awesomeness WILL be mine! lol

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