Saturday, 15 May 2010

Crib Goch and Padarn Wild Swim

In preparation for the Welsh 14 (15) Three Thousands I did a recce over Crib Goch and a decent back in to Nant Peris. After a lunchtime break I undertook a short recon from Nant Peris towards Elidir Fawr. I have done the route before but made a few navigational errors that I don't wish to repeat. We covered about ten miles in all and are well placed to complete the walk proper.

This also gave me a chance to try out my Vibrams in a more severe setting. They performed excellently over the ridge and I have full confidence now in completing the Fourteen Three-thousands in them in a month's time.

One area of concern is walking in the dark with them. Stubbing a toe or a footfall on to sharp rock can smart a wee bit. When tired at the end of a long route, and in failing light, you cannot simply bulldozer through rough ground in VFFs the way you can in boots. But I feel sufficiently adapted in them to complete the tricky last section of this walk in them if we can optimise completion of the first two sections of this walk (to Ogwen Cottage).

We were treated to some fantastic weather in the afternoon, and on packing our tents/kit away, headed in to Llanberis were I took the opportunity for a quick dip in to Llyn Padarn. The water was much warmer than the Irish Sea over Christmas - but still refreshingly cool and rather invigorating (and still 'Five Fingered' as you can see above!).

A quick towel-dry and then off to Pete's Eats for a spectacular 'Even Bigger Breakfast' - aka 'The Big Jim', and a couple of mugs of coffee with some complementary cake. The service was excellent and the food exceedingly good.

A great weekend - satisfying throughout and my return tonight offers the chance to spend tomorrow with my kids. I can't wait to tell them about the trip and to formulate our own little plan to get them up in to high and wild places in the not-too-distant future!


Methuselah said...

Sounds like fun - sorry I missed it. Just got back from my trip many pounds heavier and with some serious fasting and paleo recovery required!

Asclepius said...

It was great fun. Crib Goch was exhillirating. It has given me confidence to do the whole of the Welsh 14s in VFFs.

I never made it to Llyn Llydaw, but the dip in the mildly warmer Llyn Padarn was well earned!

If you want to feature on the next excursion then let me know.