Monday, 10 May 2010


All of my RMs seem to have improved. I tested myself this lunchtime against RM and 8RM.

For me, the biggest gain was in the OAC. Assuming BW of 82kg, ten weeks ago I used to load of 62kg (meaning I used 20kg assistance). Today I used a 72kg load (so only 10kg assistance). The assistance was barely used as I broke from straight-arm and the leverages became more favourable; at which point my legs tucked up. I tried an 8RM which improved from 32kg (so 50kg assistance), to 52kg (meaning 30kg assistance).

Pistols were at an 8RM of 42kg (thus 40kg assistance). But now I can 8RM at 62kg (so now only require 20kg to hit all eight reps).

My deadlifting RM was set a week or two ago at 150kg - and I don't want to test that unneccessarily. I will just roll with this number; almost at double bodyweight! I need to mix in some reverse leg lifts to my schedule in place of deadlifting.

Although my handstands are getting firmer and of a better quality, my RM for dumbell military press is stuck at 24kg. I just couldn't shift the 26kg weights. But on an RM8, I went from 16kg to 20kg. Variety here is key. I need to focus on wall-assisted handstand press ups to try to move things along.

A lot of these gains come from simply adopting a more formal and measured approach to my loading. As I am focusing on the numbers over effort, the numbers are falling/gaining as I push myself to improve.

Underlying all this is the fact that I am getting stronger without getting injured! Injury free gains are my favourite. ;)

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