Saturday, 27 March 2010

Win Hill

Today I embarked on an 18 kilometer walk through the Peak District taking in the superbly named Win Hill and Lose Hill. It was the first real test of both my Vibram Five Fingers and fasted-rambling.

Despite a mild tension in my right hip towards the end of the walk (a historic issue), the fasted state proved to be non-detrimental and there were no significant problems. I never felt hungry nor short of energy.

The Five fingers made crossing wet ground tricky, and on some section my feet were cold, but I was wearing shorts and maybe leggings would do the trick in reducing heat loss. It was windy on the summits and along the ridges and you quickly cool down your extremities. Hands and Vibramed feet in particular.

On reflection I can feel the effects of toe independence on my foot. Where the toe joins the foot I can feel the effects of exertion. I took a Methuselah-esque V5F shot on the summit of Win Hill overlooking Ladybower Reservoir.

My confidence in both my footwear and the nature if fasted rambling is that I propose to undertake some further walks of a greater intensity in the near future in both V5F and fasted.

You know it is odd to feel like this. In my carb-driven days walks would be little more than a snack-fest. Like the modern marathon, regular refeeds would be second nature. No more. I just tuck in to my fat stores as if by magic. I am not particularly hungry tonight, but as and when my body wants more fat, I am sure it will manipulate my fat stores as required. And the amount my body needs to replenish the fat? Well sure, my body will manage my hunger according. This is nothing short of amazing.

The afternoon was punctuated by a Lau Gar grading and then some car washing. I say 'car washing' but it was a soapy water fight with the kids that involved cleaning of cars as a byproduct. Great fun for us all. Now if only this game would transpose to pot washing.....


Methuselah said...

Good photo! Looks and sounds like a nice day out. Oddly, I find the neoprene Flow Treks, which you have, can give me blisters when I walk but are fine for running, whereas the Kangaroo-skin ones I use for walking are fine. This could simply be because I have acclimatised to each for each different function. If you haven't got a pair of the Kangaroo-skin ones, you have got to get some. Not available in the UK yet but you can get them on ebay. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

Asclepius said...

I was looking at the kangaroo skin ones originally....I might have to write to Santa....