Friday, 19 March 2010

Volume Wk3 W/O3

The big change here is pushing the last set on the Deadlifts (not to failure), and pushing the last set on the fingerboard (to failure).

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (35 mins)
1a. Deadlift (5x88kg, 3x107kg 3/1x120kg)
2a. HSPU/Press/Snatch (12x14kg, 12x14kg, 11/12x14kg)
2b. One Arm Chins (12x33kg/29kg, 12x33kg/29kg, 12x33kg/29kg)

The deadlifts felt quite easy and I did three on the last set rather than 1. I am going to have to ramp the weights up a bit. Although I fell short of one rep on the Dumbell Press, on the One Arm Chins I rocked in with 33kg rather than 29kg. (Thinking back, I think I have messed up on my weights last week and was doing much heavier weights than I should have. That is the problem of trying to offset weights on the fly when fatigued). Big gains anyway.

I spent the afternoon helping out in Captain Kid's school. I managed to 'amaze' a few kids in her class with a magic trick called The French Drop. (My one and only magic trick). I have been using this for about thirty years and is amazingly simple and convincing (the effect is that you make small items like coins disappear and then reappear from behind someones ear).

The formal syllabus was art. Specifically the art of Henri Rousseau and his jungle paintings in particular. I assisted where I could but art is not my strong point. However, I ended up drawing an elephant for one of the kids. Then another. Then another and so on. As elephants go, the drawing were a bit rubbish (rubbish for an adult at any rate)...but in the kingdom of the blind and all that..... At the end of the class a lad came up to me and said that he thought I was a better artist than Henri Rousseau! Made me laugh. Then I made a coin disappear right under his nose.

A few onlookers who had been queueing for an elephant saw the coin disappear and that was it. Pandemonium. The kids pursued me like the living dead around the classroom murmuring "magic" and "elephant", thrusting pencils, paper and 'things to make disappear' at me as they advanced.

Great fun all round. I'd love to go back and help out again - not least with a games lesson. It'd be a good learning opportunity for us all.


LCR said...

hey so just wanna be sure i get this -- youre doing one-armed chins with an additional 75lbs or so?

Asclepius said...

Hi LCR. In answer to your question - no, the weight given is the absolute weight.

I perform the exercise on a pull up station that allows assistance weights to be selected which 'push' you upwards.

So I adjust the assistance to allow the target weight to be met.
So I weigh 84kg and by selecting a support weight of 60kg, my working weight is against 24kg (BW minus 60kg).

Hope that clears things up.