Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New Lore of Running

Professor Tim Noakes, author of runner's 'bible' The Lore of Running, has come out in support of a paleo diet!*  Noakes was an advocate of carb-loading and high carbohydrate diets, but has now changed his position, particularly for people like himself, who exhibit carbohydrate resistance,
  • "I used to say 'carbo-load every day, as much as you can'. Yes, this is a turnaround. Absolutely," he said,...
    The 62-year-old turned conventional feeding wisdom on its head with claims that fruit juice contained "hidden dangers" and that cereal was one of the worst things parents could feed their children.
Clearly a more subtle and nuanced type and use of carbohydrate has found favour with him, and in the rewritten chapter of his book hopefully he'll spell this out.

Where the rubber hits the road Gary Taubes' ideas are still profoundly influential and even if you disagree with much of his rationale, it is good to see CW being reappraised.

*(Hat tip to That Paleo Guy)

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