Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Max Headroom

I like Art DeVany's observation that when the difference between the most you can do and the least you can do merges, you're dead.  I train to make sure that the most I can do IS the most I can do.  I try to build headroom to handle the vicissitudes of life.  I choose fundamental strength based exercises and a few fun sports to build 'rounded' ability.  Training should prepare you.  You've got to be able to ride a black swan.

Hopefully I will never have to utilise this 'over-capacity' in an emergency situation, but one guy who did was That Paleo Guy,

  • Later reflection on this day put many of the reasons behind why I train into perspective. I strength train, I interval train, I sprint, I walk, I climb,and I eat in such a way that my energy levels and ability to exert myself are not contingent on having eaten something in the last two hours. People ask why I do all of this, most often perplexed that I don’t do any of this for any particular sporting endeavour. I do this for the very reason outlined above – to give me the capacity to respond to any given scenario that a day might present.
A good read.

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