Monday, 2 April 2012

Landing a Wingsuit

I've posted some Jeb Corliss footage on this site - flying 'The Crack' is pretty impressive.  All of this pales in to insignificance though, when people talk of landing a wingsuit without a canopy!  Gary Connery is that man,
  • Next month Connery will realize a lifelong ambition of jumping from a helicopter 2,400ft above the height of the box rig over Ridge Wood to the ENE of Henley on Thames. Gary will drop for 3 seconds before his suit starts to fly. He will then accelerate to approximately 80mph. He will get into his tried and tested best glide position where the speed will decrease to 60 mph forward speed with a 22mph vertical descent rate. The whole flight should last about 50 seconds and will come to an end with Gary landing on a box rig.

    “I am excited and overwhelmed at the prospect of sticking a new post in the runway of aviation history. I am 100% confident of my abilities/methods to achieve this landing on what will become a historic day,” said Connery. “I am very pleased to be working with Bremont on this as we very much share the same principles; everything to do with this jump is about precision and timing. Working with the manufacture Tonysuits we have only now been able to develop the wingsuit technology to be able to do this jump. At this current pace of development the possibilities of future wing suit design will change the world of aviation.”
(Yes I did check the calendar).

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