Friday, 20 April 2012

Gymnastic Week 4 W/O3

Emphasis again on a wee bit more volume (5-8 reps) with rests of around the minute mark.

Warm Up (5 minutes)
Main (30 minutes).
1. Handstand work and walking lunges to side/front (10 mins)
2. Chin Variations (Two Arm + 30kg x 7, Two Arm + 30kg x 5/7, 10xBW 2 Arm)
3. Headstand RLLs (8/7)
4. Deadlift - form work (3x5x60kg)
5. Manna Progression (three rounds for time)
6. Wall Walk (3)
7. Backbridge to Stepover (1, 1)
8. Two-Way DB Rotator Cuff (12 x external and internal shoulder rotations)
9. Reverse Dumbell Curls (12)
10.  321 (8L, 8L, 8L)/Bouldering

Kaboom!  And I'm back in form.  An awesome workout.  After a week or two of not being 'on it' I am now officially back in the zone.  Could have been the week off last week, or it could be shifting from RM work to lower mid-range rep scheme (5-8) - or it could have been the hot women working out in the courtyard of my local gym.  Might even be the cutting back on DLs that are near my RM in particular.

Whatever it was, the handstands were in the sweet spot.  I couldn't hold them for as long as I wanted, but I got plenty of attempts that were solid for 5-10s.  I finished with handwalking.  Loved it.

I dropped 5kg off the chins and managed to get the weighted sets in to the target range. I could have popped another rep on each set, but will save that for my next cycle.  I wanted some cookies left in the jar given how I've felt over the past week or two.

Deadlifts were also feeling strong.  Good form throughout.  I could 'up the weight' significantly on my next cycle and still work form.  The lunge work in my warm up seems to be giving me a contributing effect of flexibility in my hips as well as some conditioning effect.

There was no chance of a backbridge to stepover.  One of the women in my kickboxing class keeps doing walkovers (forwards and backwards), and makes them look easy.  You get to the fag-end of your 30s and clearly it takes longer to master!

So I'm strong, motivated and uninjured.  Wrist injury has cleared up and my left hip (which has felt tense on occasion of late), is feeling good.

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