Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Gymnastic Week 3 W/O2

So after a week of not really feeling with it, I go from strength to strength. I know ADV has said that he has not been ill for 30 odd years, but I clearly do not share his constitution!

I am going to try to push the reps on the pistols but will aim for heavier weights on the chins (or perhaps less rest).

Warm Up (5 minutes)
Main (25 minutes).
1. Handstands (over 5-10 minutes)
2a. Pistols (8x10/12.5 assistance, 8x10/12.5 assistance, 8x10/12.5 assistance)
2b L-Sit/Manna Variation (for time)
3a. OAC (2/5x69/62kg, 2/5x69/57kg, 10xBW)
3b. Backlever to Frontlever (5s, 5s, 5s)
4. Golfers Elbow Drumstick Rotation (12)
5. Two-Way DB Rotator Cuff (12 x external and internal shoulder rotations)
6. Wrist PUs from the Knee (12)

Woo hoo!  Another session from which I wasn't expecting too much, but really seemed to deliver!  I weigh in at about 84kg (just over).

I managed to add 2.5kg to my pistols and hit all three sets of 8 - only just bagging the last rep of the last set.  The handstands featured some solid holds - and lots of them.  My shoulders felt good and strong and I was able to guide myself in to the sweet spot.

The chinning was also the scene for some bodacity!  I ramped up the weight to 69kg (working), which gives 15 kg assistance on the chinning station and managed to reps of OACs.  I rested 5 minutes and then repeated the set.  In each case the chin felt solid without the super extending of my lats that can sometimes happen when I sometimes struggle.  This may mean there is another rep in there somewhere (or possible a heavier RM).  Point is, these are UNINJURED gains!  Elbows and shoulders are feeling great.


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