Thursday, 23 February 2012

Real Meat Company

I've been a regular customer of The Real Meat Company for only a relatively short time.  I only found them when my local butcher closed.  The quality of The Real Meat Company's food is incredibly high and the best I have tasted.  Ever.

Where you can really taste this is with liver which can be incredibly strong - and is especially so if the animal has been treated heavily with antibiotics.  Liver from The Real Meat Company is much milder, of excellent texture and highly palatable - due to their policy of only using medication for medicinal purposes.

But I could have done more to support this company.  I could have bought ALL of my meat from them.  Sadly my lack of support is but one factor that has lead to their closing.

  • After 25 years of dedication to welfare, purity and eating quality, we have decided to desist.

    For a number of years, we have been grappling with a decline in turnover caused by customers drifting away. We believe that they were most likely beguiled by descriptions of meat purporting to be similar to ours. It is much easier (and more profitable) for supermarkets, butchers and farm shops to 
    sound like us than to be like us!
    During 2011, our final attempts to maintain a critical commercial mass did not materialise and so we decided to do the honourable thing against a backdrop of difficult choices.
It is sad that as the paleo model gathers momentum, and migrates to a "Paleo 3.0" level of activism focused on quality, equality, transparency, integrity, sustainability and localism - pushing animal and environmental welfare to the fore, such a great company should fold.

Still, there is still a chance to support what remains,
  • In January 2012, the final three authorised Real Meat Stockists were The Real Meat Company Shop, Sheffield, The Real Meat Company Shop, Bath and Whitings of Caversham.

    The proprietors of these businesses have been put in direct contact with the Real Meat Company approved farmers extant at the time.

    This means that these outlets are a good bet for quality meat properly reared. 
Hopefully my local outlet will continue to source from The Real Meat Company's suppliers and with my support, I know I will be doing my bit. 

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