Thursday, 16 February 2012

You Talkin to Me?

Making a dependent underclass does no one any favours - not least the dependant him or herself.  Society really does need a big kick up the arse.  We piss away so much of our resources and so much potential.

Just looking at things in terms of money and finances - consider how wasteful humanity over recent years because of the actions of bankers and rioters, the pissed and sick (the latter gently milked by a pharmaceutical industry intent of treatment of a condition rather than prevention or cure).

The current economic fuck up is a result of a lack of free markets (power was aggregated to the point of market control/manipulation), and the fact that those in power had no 'skin in the game'.  As  NNT observed, this is the first time in history where those in power have not had to have courage.  There is no personal downside to the risks they take.

Then there is the personal cost of potential unfulfilled - dissatisfaction and depression.  We all need a 'self stroke', some kind of feedback that rewards and encourages our (positive) behaviours but I am not sure that modern life lets us do that.  Certainly not easily.

Whereas Paleo 2.0 looked inwards at individual heath we need to formulate an outward-looking Paleo 3.0.  Maybe this is the place to start.  Maybe, with such economic upheaval and the progressive erosion of democracy - once by stealth but now by transparent means, the time is ripe for revolution.

UPDATE: So could captalism have fallen in to a Red Queen race?  We've automated agriculture which provides efficiencies and provides raw materials for industry (rather than food).  But look at the costs of this.  The exposed soils require application of fertilizers, pesticides and nutrients that are lost through leaching and run off.  We have charities set up to conserve the land and protect endangered species killed by modern agriculture, which require funding.  The jobs lost in agriculture create unemployed people seeking benefits.  Stratification of industry leads to low skilled jobs and demeaning jobs giving rise to mental health issues (whereas in traditional agriculture people had outdoor jobs that required skill, like ploughing, or were craft based but enriching such as tailoring or blacksmiths).  The food produced by industry leads to malnutrition and sickness.....

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