Sunday, 19 February 2012

Gymnastic Week 2 W/O1

I've opened the tanks a bit. Trying to push things each session (but autoregulate somewhat based upon fatigue/motivation and 'tweakiness'). I am not sure that 'tweakiness' is a word but what the hell, I roll with neologisms.

Warm Up (5 minutes)
Main (30 minutes).
1. Stairgators (1)
2. Barefoot Sprinting (1x10s, 1x10s, 1x10s, 1x10s, 1x10s)
3. Planche Variations (25s, 25s, 25s)
4ai. Rope Climb (3)
4aii. MU to Ring Routine (3, 3, 3).
5. Scissor Splits (3x '2L, 2R, 2C')
6. Barefoot Kill Carry (1)
7. 321 (8/8L, 8/8M, 5/8L)

I was training with Flash and so things took a tad longer than anticipated.  But she managed a forward and backward flip on the rings so she has happy with the workout.  She does make the whole session a fun event (as Captain Kid did before her).

The only stopper this session was the last set of 321s.  I've not been doing enough volume to complete such a set.  The main activities all felt pretty solid.  I increased the rests between sets of MUs to ensure I hit all the numbers - so it was more of a strength emphasis than hypertrophy.

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