Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Volume Week 4 W/O2

Shoulders feel a bit tired today, so I need to autoregulate.

Warm Up (5 minutes)
Main (25 minutes).
1a. Pistols (8x17.5 assistance, 8x15 assistance, 8x12.5 assistance)
1b. Handstands (over 5-10 minutes)
2b L-Sit/Manna Variation (for time)
3a. OAC (4x62kg, 5x57kg)
3b. Backlever (5s, 5s, 5s)
4. Golfers Elbow Drumstick Rotation (12)
5. Two-Way DB Rotator Cuff (10 x external and internal shoulder rotations)
6. Wrist PUs from the Knee (12)

A brutal session.  Loved every minute of it.  Weight is currently 87kg!

The handstands felt poor.  The shoulders are fatigued so I integrated the handstands with pistols. The pistols felt fantastic and I ramped up the weight to give what I think is an RM for 8.

OACs were also ferociously good.  I felt I had some hustle so ramped up the weight.  I had to work hard for the last rep on my left arm for each set, but form was good throughout.  Again I think this is an RM for the number of reps.  I need to think about closing out this training cycle in a week or two and deload.

Mannas are progressing slowly but surely and the backlevers still suck - but these are not a priority.  I just want to keep up some volume and exposure to these exercises.

I sometimes ended up with a tight right hip with deadlifting.  If I 'cracked' the hip it would feel infinitely better.  Over time the hip has needed cracking occasionally even on rest days - so this suggests to me bad DL technique, or a lack of complementary exercise.  In contrast, pistols seem to really seem to lubricate the hips and I feel very fluid after them.

Another issue of late is the amount of press-ups that feature in Lau Gar.  This means that I cannot really work the planche much at the moment due to fatigue - and is probably the reason for the quality of my handstands as noted above.  I need to 'roll with it', listen to my body and keep autoadjusting as the vicissitudes of life dictate. 

Rule one: Do no harm.

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