Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Lazy Weight Loss

At this time of year we get the usual 'eat less, do more' message.  This may work short-term.  Whether it leads to sustainable weight loss is another question.  At best it seems to be simplistic and at worst it is the very thing we'd recommend to compel ourselves to eat more.

New Scientist has a nice little article on weight loss (Eight lazy ways to lose weight), which highlights several ways in which weight change has been observed without calorie counting and chronic cardio, through:
  1. Vaccination
  2. Stress Reduction
  3. Cold Exposure
  4. High Protein
  5. Packaging and Endocrine Disruption
  6. Circadian Rhythm and Blue Light
  7. Air Pollution
  8. Sleep
We paleotards will be familiar with all of the above.


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Toronto personal training said...

My personal trainer told me about the sleep fact, but I didn't believe him! Yes, we lose weight if we do exercises or if we keep diets! Nevertheless, I know a person who sleeps quite a lot, but it doesn't have a fit body! Of course, we have different metabolisms, we can't be the same. These eight lazy ways to lose weight are great for sedentary people :D