Friday, 27 January 2012

Volume Week 3 W/O3

I see a renewed push for the CICO and ELDM approach.  Forget it.  CICO just restates the problem.  ELDM is vague and simplistic.  What is of importance is 'calories your body allows you to expend' versus 'the calories your body forces you to seek'. The solution is endogenous, not exogenous. Give your body appropriate nutrients, and respite from poison.  Allow your body's mechanisms that have evolved to stimulate you to be active (to seek/hunt), to express themselves.

Energy systems and energy flows within the human body are information rich. If we don't traverse the full range of energy systems through acute stress such as exercise, dietary variety and variance in energy flow, hormonal mechanisms and physiologic adaptions designed to respond favourably to activation of these energy pathways and energy flows become desensitised - they lose information which is crucial for informed adaption (and don't forget that the brain is plastic - which may have consequences when it comes to trying to 'unlearn' maladaption).

I've a three hour hill walk this evening so I cannot '321'.

Warm Up (5 minutes)
Main (30 minutes).
1. Handstand work (10 mins)
2a. Chin Variations (Two Arm + 25kg x 8, +40kg x 4, Slow One-Arm Eccentric 1 x each arm)
2bi. Headstand RLLs (6, 6)
2bii. Deadlift (single 150kg)
2c. Manna (three rounds for time)
2di. Wall Walk (3, 3)
2dii. Backbridge 15s
3. Two-Way DB Rotator Cuff (12 x external and internal shoulder rotations)
4. Wrist Push Ups from the Knee (12)
5.  321 (8/8L, 8/8L, 8/8M)

The Handstands felt laboured but I finished on a quality hold, having found the sweet spot.  I chucked in some exercise variations today and even opted for a single DL.  Lifted 150kg but reckon I could have done a bit more.

The chinning was good.  I was tempted with another set of eccentrics but I felt that my weaker arm (left), might find it 'unfavourable'.  Listen to your body!

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Fordaldo said...

Hear hear. Couldn't agree more - clearly calories "matter" but the notion that CICO is under 100% conscious control, or that food quality is unimportant is foolish. Chris Kresser's recent podcast goes into this very well. As a side note I do now think there is an interplay between your body seeking energy expenditure and the hormonal effect of getting off your ar*e... it can therefore either be a virtuous circle or a downward spiral - sometimes people do need that inital burst of willpower (which is a finite resource (ala J. Stanton)!) to overcome inertia when it comes to exercise (and therefore energy expenditure, fuel partitioning etc).