Thursday, 26 January 2012

Meat Fail

100% this does not pass the PGZ test:
  • "Mironov is certain tissue-engineered meat will eventually be developed: "Of course there are people who think this is Frankenstein food. They see it as unnatural, but there is nothing unnatural here. We use animal cells and grow them in a cultured media. The only difference is that we don't kill any animals." The first-generation products are most likely to be chopped meat, with a long-term goal to grow muscle tissue. Potentially, any animal's muscle tissue could be grown through the in vitro process, as well as milk, cheese and eggs. So far all the meat "made" has been nearly colourless, tasteless and lacking texture. Scientists may have to add fat and even lab-grown blood and colourants."
Race to server up artificial chicken from The Guardian.

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