Thursday, 30 June 2011

Walking the Amazon

Ed Stafford's amazing 860 day journey, walking from Peru, the length of the Amazon, to the Atlantic, recently aired in the UK, finishing this evening.  Channel 5 have the episodes online.

part one:
  • Ed Stafford attempts to walk the navigation of the Amazon river. Ed faces the prospect of completing the mission solo when both his companion and his guide threaten to quit the expedition. As the journey progresses, Ed encounters wary villagers, murderous drug traffickers and deadly wildlife.
part two,
  • Having reached the halfway point, Ed and Cho still face the prospect of at least another 12 months of trekking across dangerous terrain. Another Brit decides to join the mission, but can he keep up with the intrepid pair as they face hunger, disease and parasites in the depths of the jungle?

The whole adventure is totally enthralling as Ed and his colleagues fight infections and bugs along with Caymen and drug dealers! 

From a nutrition point of view you get to appreciate the importance of energy, its availability, its expenditure and it sources in such endeavours.  Part two features some great moments when hunting and gathering comes good!

As always it is the inner journey that is the toughest and most interesting as Ed fights personal demons.  Awesome.

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