Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Snatch Grip Deadlift

The mayhem continues and so I am going for another workout on-the-fly.  The broad theme will be:

Warm Up
Backflips x 4 interspersed by Grok Squat, Side Grok Squat, Lunging Walks
1. Fig-8 Sprints (10sec:50rest x 4)
2. Snatch Grip Deadlift with a Deficit (5x5xBW)
3. Chins (3x6xBW+25kg - 1 min rest btw)
4. Handwalking x 2
5. 3x Planching Variations

TBFF is 39 - but the backflip was rubbish.  I just didn't feel-it so I only did one and left it at that.  No point pushing it when I am not in the zone.

Weight is 81kg today which comes on the back of an extended fast (since Sunday evening).  Other than a low flip-focus I was psyched throughout this routine and felt good in a general 'grrrrrr' sense.

The sprints felt ok, but not fleet-of-foot.  I did the Snatch Grip DLs and enjoyed it.  The chins were steady (although I missed the last rep of the last set).  Chins were BW plus 25kg and done with a full range and purposeful movement.  No kipping and 60s rest between sets.

Handwalks also came good, and I was able to move for the length of the dry-court.  I mixed in some lunge walks, grok squats and side squats (BW) to break the rest.  The shoulders were gassed for the planches so I frogged for 30s, advanced frogged for 20s and then tucked for 5s.

Not a bad session but the flip-fear indicates a deeper fatigue.  I might take all of next week off from workouts (other than Lau Gar classes and work on my forms - I have a grading coming up).

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