Thursday, 30 June 2011

Muppets State the Obvious

Another example of how educated professional muppets can state the obvious without shedding any light on a problem:
  • "Snacking and super sizing are two of the dieter's worst enemies, research suggests. "
  • "They suggest efforts to prevent obesity should focus on reducing the number of snacks and meals a day as well as portion size."
No shit Sherlock?  These guys should research alcoholism whilst they are at it.  No doubt they would recommend that alcoholics should 'focus on reducing the number of alcoholic drinks as well as the alcoholic strength of the drinks they consume'.

You see, as has been pointed out many times in the LC and paleo communities, these guys are simply restating the problem.  There is no causal information, they are simply making an observation of a consequent behaviour.

You'd think it ludicrous to spend money on research in to the CAUSE of alcoholism only to be told, 'alcoholics drink too much alcohol, too much of the time'.  You'd probably ask for a refund. 

What you want to know is WHY they engage in compulsive and uncontrolled drinking.  Even worse would be a diagnosis that alcoholics should seek to reduce the amount of alcohol they consume.  The same can be said for obesity.

When riding a dead horse it is important to first beat the dead horse harder, then change the riding crop, and ultimately change the rider:
  • "These findings suggest a new focus for efforts to reduce energy imbalances in US adults," write Kiyah Duffey and Barry Popkin of the University of North Carolina in the journal PloS Medicine.

Baise moi!

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Jan's Sushi Bar said...

This made me laugh - because it's true.