Friday, 17 June 2011

Royal Marine Initial Fitness Test

I completed the Royal Marine Initial Fitness Test (RMIFT) today:

Part One (One point for each rep)
Sit Ups:  (As many as possible in 30s) - 32
Press Ups: (To a maximum of 30 with no rest) - 30
Squat Thrusts: (As many as possible in 30s) - 32
Dips: (As many as possible in 30s) - 50

Part Two

Run 2.4Km within 15 mins.

  - Under 9mins - 90
  - 9 to 10: 80
  - 10 to 11: 70 (10:21)
  - 11 to 12: 60
  - 12 to 13: 50
  - 13 to 14: 40
  - 14 to 15: 30

Total Score 214

Over 205 - Commando
165 - Marine
135 - Nod
105 - Civvie
75 - Couch Potatoe

So I got a total score of 214.  I could have pushed faster on a few of the exercises - there is definitely more to come.  As for the running, I was running 14km/h for at least half the time and as I have not run over a mile for about 5 years, I had no idea what level of intensity I could manage.  In retrospect I could push it to 16km/h (the max on the running machines).  Looks like that sprinting is paying off with a carry over in to short distances.

I have my eyes on completing an O'Neill Test and a '300 Workout' over the coming months to ensure my training is developing functional physical integrity and metabolic headroom.


Methuselah said...

oh, the 300. You'll love it. I might try the RMIFT

Asclepius said...

There are much harder variations of the RMIFT, but this isn't a bad place to start.

I recall you were in to your 300s. I should have tried it long ago...