Friday, 3 June 2011

Some More Random Play

The half term has brought a break from training.  That does not mean inactivity, it just means a bit more in the way of fun and general, random play.

This morning kicked off with a long hot walk to the butchers and returning for a fry up.  We barefooted to most of the way - despite the hot pavement.  After the fry up we headed out for some scrambling and caving.  Flash showed some serious bravery in leading the caving expedition.  Captain Kid also did a turn in the spooky 'rear guard' position.  Caving can be scary but not as scary as scrambling....

We are blessed with lots of crags around us and so both Captain Kid and Flash went off exploring.  They both showed promising climbing skills as they headed up over rocks to investigate various caves and tunnels.

We finished with a dip in the local river.  It was quite refreshing and no where near as cold as the other week.  Both stripped down to their birthday suits for a quick dip.  The shot above captures a post-dip period of reflection!  Flash just won't stay still, and Captain Kid struck a more serious note.  Bless 'em.

It is great having kids, and sure there are stressful moments with getting them ready to go out or getting them to tidy up their mess, but heck, if you let them lead things for a day, fun and adventure is never far away.  I love them to bits.  Both of them!

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