Thursday, 16 June 2011

Another Improvised Workout

I really didn't feel it today.  LGKB was tough last night and I went to the gym with a priority of sunbathing and just going through the motions:

Here was the basic plan:
Warm Up (the usual Katz inspired stuff)
Backflips x 4 interspersed by Grok Squat, Side Grok Squat (I should have done lunges as well)
Rowing (easy 1x3mins)
Handwalking x 2
Chins (3x5)
Deadlift (3x5 auto regulate)

The warm up felt lethargic and the four backflips were all pretty poor - TBFF is now 38.  The last session was amazing in comparison and might have taken more out of me than I thought.

I threw in some duff handwalks and ambled off to the rower for some easy rowing.  I was glad to hit the DLs and went up to cluster sets of 110kg, resting only to hit the chins.
I have been coaxed in to a 'Marine BFT' tomorrow lunch but the emphasis over the next few days will be rest.  I have to listen to my body...!  I am keen to get back to a formal cycle and break that 160kg for the DL.

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