Tuesday, 14 June 2011

More Workout Quickies

Things are busy at the moment - but not stressful. I am rolling with it, and one of the easiest (and most enjoyable) ways of flowing with life is to pucker up with some play!

So I did a basic bodyweight workout little regard for weights or TUL and just a rough handle of 'three sets':

Warm Up (the usual Katz inspired stuff)
Backflips x 4 interspersed by Grok Squat, Side Grok Squat, Lunging Walks
15s Sprints x 4
Handwalking x 2
Chins (3x10)
Planching Variations
Lau Gar Forms.

It was a great day.  Hot, blue skied and with a little breeze.  I just had to get out on to the local field to run.  After some sprints I went to my usual workout location (a discreet courtyard), to do some planching and handwalking via the gym  - where I blasted out the chins.

Now let me just say the backflips were awesome.  All four felt great and were some of the best I have done.  This is strange as I was mildly anxious prior to throwing each one of them, but the technique was solid.  In the grand scheme of things they are lame, but personally they are improving all the time, landing cleanly on my feet.

The sprints also felt quick.  Lots of power in my legs.  Planching is coming on.  I am holding three sets of 5s tuck planches with relative ease and so need to up the variations and/or hold time.

Handwalks were also solid.  I can mess around with them varying the pace and the size of my steps.  It is hard to laugh upside down, but doing this did amuse me.

Brilliant 40 minutes of my training life!  Must be the vitamin D!

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