Thursday, 4 November 2010

Free the Cannibal

I have to say that the first time I heard someone mention hunger pangs supposedly striking surgeons in an operating theatre at the site of blood/open flesh, I recoiled.  The rationale put forward at the time was that this was some kind of evolutionary reflex from our ancestral past as we scavenged for meat.

A quick google revealed one concerned individual who salivated at the sight of blood - although s/he was not a student of medicine.  Is this response a case of hematolagnia or an evolutionary ghost, unavoidably stirred up? 

Outside of medicine there seems to be a whole world of blood fetishism that was hitherto unknown to me - such as clinical vamprism (Renfield syndrome) - an obsession to drink blood!  This is obviously some kind of mental disorder, but when you think of cannibal spectrum from the criminally insane, through religious/ceremonial performances, it does seem odd that you eventually arrive in the field of medicine.  You don't believe me?
Now that is what I call paleo!  ;)

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