Friday, 5 November 2010

Volume Wk5 W/O2 (Short Rests)

This is technically W/O3 as I skipped W/O2.  I have been busy at work so didn't really look to push this workout.  I just grabbed a weight approximating what I lifted last time and went for it.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (20 mins)
1. Pistols/Pillar Jumps/Leg Extension (10x45kg P, 12x30kg LE)
2. HSPU/Press/Snatch (BWx2, 8x12kg, 6x16kg)
3. Chins (8xBW+32kg, 8xBW, 8xBW)
4. Tucked Ice Cream Maker (6, 6, 4)

I got a PB on the HSPUs and some gain on the BW chins.  Reckon I can drop reps and up the weight.  I still have a niggle on my left elbow so cannot yet go back to OACs (my preferred chinning exercise).

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